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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
First I already stated i'm not a huge fan. But at the same time I would bet there are many fans who feel the managers are great and fine. I'm glad there are some who atleast agree with me.
Yeah, I'd assume so...

Which I think has caused me to start to hate the Red sox due to the massive amount of people who are randomly fans and who think they are the shit and then the so called fans for awhile who say how crazy they are and this and that.

I wouldn't doubt its because of that, that I have been much harder on the team and finding more faults with them. I just really despise the fans I just mentioned.
Yes, we all hate pink hatters. But it's part of any team being successful, if even for one year. You know how many Colts "fans" there are now that probably couldn't name ten players for them?

Either way I hope they win at this point if they don't it will make the team look pretty bad because as you stated NL teams suck. So I hope they win they are still a team I like.
They still have a ~5% chance of winning.....but if they drop games 3 or 4, I'd put it at .00000001%.