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this is awesome. Great idea to run a regression lucid and swamp.

I noticed R square = 0.78 (proportion of the time directly explained by weight/power ratio)

This leaves 22% of the time to be explained by some other variables.


If the E46 CSL and the GTR were on race tires, then their outlying points could be the result of superior tires.

AKA give them comparable tires, and their times would fall closer to the line of best fit (reality).

Tires supposedly reduce time by around ~20 sec.

Look at graph, move E46 CSL time(dot) up two grid lines (20 sec). It falls just above the best fit line (just as the standard E46 does - which makes sense given that it is 95% the same car)

Move the GTR point up 20 sec (two grid lines) and it falls almost exactly on the line of best fit!

I smell tires

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