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Originally Posted by Sered View Post
Oh? Please link the N54 making 600whp on 91 octane and 7.5psi (hell, go link the ones making 600whp on 93 and 25-30psi). Then we can overlay the dynos and we can tell you how idiotic your above statement is.
Word^, Mark my Words, These TT e9X's will be all the rage and even the fastest SC M's wont be able to compete with an LC built s65 w/TT with some of Gintani's bigger turbos. literally the only thing that will limit the HP potential these kits will make is the engines block capabilities.

The car in this threads Dyno was a Stock engine on 7.5psi on 91 octane maken 700+HP Broski, 7.5psi on 91 Octane!
Just think of a built motor/ 15psi+/ 93-100+ Octane, My Lord.
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