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Originally Posted by 8k3
I had the pleasure of stopping by a few tuner and enthusiast shops in the area, one of which was Gintani. I met with Alex and his brother both of which I got say are very down to earth and true enthusiasts. Alex then took me around the shop and saw how they CNC parts in house and build exhausts one at a time. I later stumbled onto the twin turbo car and I got to say looking at the engine bay, you'd never know it was a TT M3 (very clean setup, similar to their supercharger layout). One thing to note is that the tune was written by Alex which I thought was cool and no boost controller was used (to my knowledge). Alex took me for a ride and all I can say is WOW. The torque and power is instant and phenomenal. The car had no weird behavior, idle, temps, all were good. I have a VF650 kit and I love it, the hardware is excellent and the support I have received is as well; it also pulls like a train, but a twin turbo S65 just another beast altogether. I want to thank Alex for taking the time to talk cars, the tour, and the ride. Anyone bashing them on this effort doesn't really realize the effort it took to bring this into fruition.
That's awesome and it is amazing to get this kit finally out to market. I smell built motors may be an important aspect, however. Time will tell.

How is the response compared to your 650 kit? Lag is inevitable with turbos, so how does this kit stack up?
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