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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
So you think the numbers are bogus swamp? What did you expect this car to be, slower than the M3?

By the way I am on record that this car and the M3 w/ DCT will be even money out the door. The M3 might even be a bit more expensive the way the dollar is tanking against the Euro. We are one more rate cut away from an all out assault on the dollar.
Come on get real. There is no way the M3 nor M3 M-DCT will even come close to the performance of this car. Why do you keep leaning on me as a fanboy? Did you read the long IS-F test vs. simulation thread today? I just like to use common sense, scaling, physics/engineering and science to validate claims. Not sure why being skeptical and scientific means fanboy - I'd say it is the opposite.

I was the first to criticize BMW if they are to go around touting a N'ring time using tires that are not offered stock on the car. Did you forget this big red flag of "fanboy-ism" on my behalf

I'll place a large wager with you on your price estimates, by the way. This GT-R needs to outprice the Z06 at $71k and the 997 Turbo at $126k. The base on the M3 with M-DCT will surely be in the 60s and the GT-R at best will be in the very high 60s more likely 70s. Want to make it a wager like the one I made with JEllis on pricing (inspired by T Bone)? The looser has to plaster their car with tons of ricey stickers.