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BTG, etc.

Some good (just a little actually) there on youtube about it not being a BTG or "bridge to gantry" lap and that the lap may have been cut just a bit short (consistent with the way it is run by others, or some such subtlety). There is also the 20.6 vs. 20.8 km issue. One fellow said a "normal" lap would be more like 7:44. These all may be complete non issues. I am far from an expert on the Ring - I think we need some help from South who has been suspiciously absent from the forum for a coulpe days. These suspicions are consistent with my thoughts about power to weight as well. Other questions (as we all usually ask):

-production car? (doubtful in this case, literally "production")
-tires? (UHP, UHP+, race tires, etc.)
-driver? (this was likely a factory ace, will be good to see Sportauto time as well)

Again not that this takes anything away from this accomplishment nor the video at hand! Way to go Nissan!

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