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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
Easy Swamp, easy. Don't have a heart attack there tough guy. You're starting to bold letters and super sizing them, that can't be a good sign. Let's end this and just say we agree to disagree. That is all. You have your valid points and i have mine as well.
I am a little confused as to why you seem so adamant against the possibility of the car being underrated? That's usually considered a good thing.

Any comments about my comparison to the E39 M5? After all, the car appears to have much more in common with that car than an either an RS4 or an M3. I.e 3800lbs, 5L V8, ~400hp, ~370ft-lb, RWD, etc.
A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.