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Originally Posted by rjd598
Almost approaching the two month mark for pns on my rims. I was surprised because since I applied it I have not washed the car, sits outside 24/7, driven 300+miles a week on stock pads, and last week the winds plus the fire really did work on the dirt level for the car. All I used was a high pressure washer and they easily were 95% clean. I didn't take before or after pics because I honestly didn't expect the pns to be holding up after all that. Here are some beading pics which look like day one to me][IMG][/IMG][/url]][IMG][/IMG][/url]
When I get my new F80 in July I'm gonna go the sealant route I think. This Zymol glasur looked great but with the heat the longevity is never to long on Carnauba waxes. Think I will be laying some Sonax Polymer net Shield on it.