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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post

LOL!!! Oh my God! That's a good one, what's your next conspiracy theory, i know, they used NOS. You are sooooooo reaching. But if that makes you happy, so be it. Just so you know, the dyno results on this thread is by Automobilemag. Their results as far as 0-60 is 4.6. The difference is they don't launch their cars like C&D, i don't think any of the other magazines launch their cars like C&D. Car and Driver are known and have always been quicker and quickest than any other magazines when it comes to accelarations. They are the only ones that got 4.9 secs to 60 from the 335i coupe as far as i know.

Please tell me that you are kidding. It has happened in the past where a manufacturer(s) sent a beefed up version of their production car(s) to auto rag reviewers for testing. It isn't something that can necessarily be ruled out in totality.

As far as C&D's times (..and how they produce them), they have come into question in the past.