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Hello M3post.
I have been lurking on here for a few months gathering information and am now ready to show you guys my car. Some of you may have seen it yesterday where it debuted with ToyoTires.

I wanted to make the best car possible ( in my opinion) and took what I love about the e82 and what I love about the e92 M3 and combine them into my dream car. Despite this car being extremely modded is the true embodiment of the old BMW M values.

Performance Technic in Pleasanton built the entire car. They didnt cut any corners on the work and really shared my vision and passion for the car and really made everything happen. All of the electronics and sensors work. The AC works and it will CA Bar and be street Legal. They really did everything right and I cannot thank them enough.

The S65 only weights 15lbs more than the N54 that the car originally had so the balance of the car is preserved. The car features a lot of weight savings throughout and is a few hundred pounds lighter than a stock 1m. We do have a CF roof which will delete the sunroof but couldnt install it before Bimmerfest because our black sunroof less headliner didnt come from germany soon enough. The roof swap will be happening in the next few weeks. In the near future Mike@BPM will also be programming a working M button into the car. We will be using the steering wheel buttons from the 1M and Mike through his talents will be making it fully functioning. It is a small detail but again one that brings this build closer to a factory package.

In addition to the m3 motor and tranny the car has M3 steering, m3 subframes and suspension both front and rear and an m3 driveshaft and differential. It is essentially a tiny m3.

Huge thanks to Everyone at Performance Technic, Revozport, ToyoTires, Stoptech, Recaro, BPM Sport, Targa Trophy, ID Agency, HRE Wheels, Sam@AutoTalent, Phil@ReevesBMW, Harold@HPA, Jon@BMWpartspros, EinserM, Kevin N, Mike@VAC and Andrew@iND.


Engine and Transmission:
BMW S65 - 2009 w/ 27k miles 6MT
OEM M3 diff / axles
- BPM Sport Custom Tune
- BPM Coding - Seats
-iND Custom Engine Plenum
- Dinan Intake
- Turner MS Pulley
- WPC Treated Rod Bearings
- VAC Baffled Oilpan
- BlackForest Motor Mounts
- Rogue SSK
- Custom X pipe
- Meistershaft 1M Axelback
- Braille 21lb Battery

Suspension and Brakes
Stoptech Trophy Brake Kit
PSI / Ohlins Raceline Coilovers
RD Sway Bars
Dinan Monoball for Control Arms
Bimmerworld rear Links
Dinan Adjustable Toe Arms
Turner MS Transmission bushings
Turner MS Aluminum Subframe Bushings
Turner MS Aluminum Diff Bushings
Dinan Strut Bar
M3 front and rear subframes


OEM 1M Conversion
Revozport 1M Raze Hood
Revozport 1M Raze Trunk
Revozport 1M Raze Splitter
Revozport 1M Raze Diffuser
Revozport 1M Raze GTS Wing

HRE 43 - 9.5X18ET25 / 10X18ET25 ( Getting wider rears and moving the current rears to the front)


Recaro Profi SPA Seats
Revozport 1M Raze Door Cards
BMW Performance Steering Wheel ( v1)
BMW Performance Shifter
BMW Performance E-brake boot/lever
BMW Performance CF Trim
TC Design Half Cage
Scroth 6pt Harnesses
VAC Hardware and Floor Mounts
Alumalite Rear Close off Panel

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