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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
honestly i like halo 2 more than halo 3. idk maybe i just need to get used to halo 3 still
It takes some getting used to. There are too many WTH-I-Shoulda-Got-The-Kill-For-That moments but I've been doing better... have to realize that in H2 the battle rifle (BR) could be used both long and short range. In H3 a BR is no match to an assault rifle (AR) close range so you can't pull off the same short range battle you would've in H2. In other words I had to adjust and start using the AR short range

I'm not sure about H2 vs H3 yet... I like elements of both, but I think H2 was fairer. H3 spawn points are terrible! I've spawned into a headshot a few times... seriously Bungie, thank you for spawning me next to my teammate out in the middle of Valhalla in a Shotty Sniper match And on High Grounds for example, you'd beat someone and next thing you know they spawn behind you on the beach or such :sad0147:


BTW, I think I accepted your friend request the other day. I just realized it was you.
Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
The Orange Box has HL2 + the episodes (1&2). Episode 2 just came out, as did TF2 and Portal, both included. HL2 came out I want to say 3-4 years ago. Portal is actually the best game of them all. I can honestly say the Portal is the best game I've ever played, which is really saying something. (I'm a pretty hardcore gamer.)
Originally Posted by Gripster View Post
Seriously, do yourself a favor and get it now.
I'll have to check it out *Adds Orange Box to the list*

Only other games I'm waiting for right now are Halo Wars and Resident Evil 5. Maybe GTA5, though I've never been a fan of the series.
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