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Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
Thank you for the info. Here's another question, does that program actually predict 1/4 mile times??? This is the thing, when Car and Driver was only able to pull 12.9 I was suprised they couldn't get it faster. As I have stated in other posts I feel as though the m3 can pull a 12.7 at an actual drag strip, but if your program is correct, and Lexus isn't lying, maybe it's possible for C&D to get a 12.6 out of the car?
Again not my program. A publicily available program you can buy.

It predicts about anything you like (and more), 0-distance X time, 0 - speed X time, rolling starts, launches, in gear acceleration times from speed X to speed Y, works in US or metric units, wheel forces, parasitic losses, air drag force, graphs vs. time, acceleration vs time (g's), etc.

Have a look at some results where I used it to predict the M-DCT results and M-DCT M3 vs. R8 here. I had some subtleties to work out with the time stepping the in program that I did not get really correct until my last post in that thread. The conclusion of this effort was that M-DCT M3 will best the R8 in most speed contests and that we should see sub 10 sec. 0-100 mph in the M-DCT car.

You can also see some more nice screen shots from member T Bones use of the software here. I was a bit quick to criticize him back then for the difficulty in modeling the actual launch event (friction, tire slipping, etc.). But you know what, I was wrong, and although it is not perfect it is darn good.