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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I'll give you a big hint.

Car, 1st gear ratio, final drive ratio, gear ratio product

That is a 50% advantage in torque multiplication for the M3! When you want to determine instantaneous accelerative wheel torque (and force and then F=ma for vehicle acceleration) the wheel torque is simply multiplied by the product of the gear ratios (there is some scaling as well but that is not important to do a simple A-B comarison). So M3 torque in 1st gear x gear factor = 295 ft lb x 15.6 = 4602 ft lb. IS-F torque x gear factor = 371 ft lb x 10.0 = 3710 ft lb. No surprises here! Add in the much higher redline and you will see more of the picture. Hope that helps.

Thank you for the info. Here's another question, does that program actually predict 1/4 mile times??? This is the thing, when Car and Driver was only able to pull 12.9 I was suprised they couldn't get it faster. As I have stated in other posts I feel as though the m3 can pull a 12.7 at an actual drag strip, but if your program is correct, and Lexus isn't lying, maybe it's possible for C&D to get a 12.6 out of the car?