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Originally Posted by IEDEI View Post
I like RWD and 1200kg. don't care for the measly 4 banger though.....

I doubt it will be RWD. It's more expensive for BMW to make a RWD 'cheap' roadster and frankly the mainstream consumer market just doesn't give a crap about RWD anymore.

the BRZ/FRS is great but has been a sales disappointment according to Toyota themselves...the only RWD cheap sports car that has been successful in recent times has been the Miata. the end.

Forget all these pseudo-Alfas anyway. Alfa needs to come back with an affordable RWD Spider for the modern times and in the US market! not that 4C but something more basic and cheaper. Here's hoping that Mazda collaboration leads to something good.
Yeah, it is coming end of 2015 to EU and US, with a 1.4l I4 Multi-Air, but it will have Abarth badge. The Mazda MX-5 will have about the same power but from a NA larger displacement I4.