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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
1. Anything "bad and cheap" with a BMW badge will sell (i.e. BMW 2er Active Tourer).

Active Tourer is not a cheap vehicle . But we have yet to show the second part of the puzzle of the Active Tourer which will happen very soon. Our first allocations of Active Tourer are almost sold.

2. Anything "good and expensive" with a BMW badge will not sell (i.e. BMW Z4 M Coupé).

There has to be demand. There is none for a Z4 M.

3. What you say, "the lack of RWD will not affect sales", is correct. See point 1. The same goes for the Toyota GT86, the lack of turbocharger does not affect sales. Only the guys on the internet a crying for it, were it turbocharged, they anyway wouldn't buy it.

If the car is stylish and competent then it will sell no matter if it is FWD or RWD.
Customers looking for some excitement in that segment will certainly find the Z1 attractive.

4. And that is were we come back to point 4. As it will not sell, costs will be high and the product will not be profitable. That is why the Z1/Z2/Z3/"what-ever-they-call-it" will still be RWD, being developed on the co-developed BMW-Toyota sports car platform.

The Z1 is based on the UKL architecture along with the Z2 Coupe.
The Z3 and Z4 Coupe will be based on the joint Toyota-BMW architecture and will be RWD.
From what I understand, you will anyway not like this car: RWD, 1200 kg, 2.0l I4, 300 PS.

Me I will. The "Z2" reminds me Alfa Romeo, many years of promises, but only wind. Hopefully this time it will be reality.

Step 1.