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Gintani Stage 2 Supercharged M3 (20,000 mile review)

Hey guys,
I wanted to check back into the forum and actually write another review about my car being supercharged for 20,000 miles. I can vouch that the Gintani Stage 2 SC was the greatest mod I've ever done to this car. Everyone might think I'm a fan boy or what not, but honestly I'm not.

I won't lie, when I purchased this kit, I wasn't sure of it. I told my self if it wasn't good, I'll get rid of it. From the day I slapped this thing on, I could not take the smile off my face. This car has never let me down. I've never had any single issues with this supercharged beast. Let me tell you, I'm not the kind of guy who just drives their car on the street. I am pushing my car to it's limits, on a race track, more then a couple times a month. I drive the car the way it's suppose to be driven. Track Events, Air Strip Run Way Events (1/2 straight aways), you name it, I'm there. I logged 22,220 miles on my car to this day and 20,000 of those miles were/have been supercharged since Feb 2013.

I loaded ONE file in this car from day one, the ONLY thing I have done is change the air filter and do oil changes every 3,000 miles. Of course put 100 oct at the race track when I'm having fun.

I didn't get paid to post this review, or anything along those lines. Everyone thinks negative about Gintani when they really shouldn't. Most things on the forum are made up or do not apply to them anymore. It doesn't make a difference if you support them or not, It doesn't make a difference in my life. I don't get any gains, it's your loss.

These guys are the real deal. They bust their ass, give you a product that is the highest quality out there and are honest people. They aren't out there to screw you or anyone else. They are die hard car guys who love making cars go fast.

If you guys ever do speak to Alex or Arno, you will see it's two brothers who just want to do this because they like it. Everyone said it's impossible to get a twin turbo E90 m3 on the stock DME system.. They got it done.

They have went above and beyond in the S65 world, done so much research, so much testing and failing, it all goes unsaid. I've seen it with my own two eyes what these cars are putting down on a dyno, no bullshit, no cheating, no nothing.

All im saying is, this was the greatest mod I've ever done to my car. Everyone who sits in my car at the track, drives it, even a spin around town is in complete shock of how fast it is, how hard it pulls and how consistent it is. A safe tuned, 7.5 psi kit, no meth, no nothing. 575 wheel on a dyno jet, on pump gas. Throttle just feels like a normal M3 just on steroids. Pulls so hard every rpm you go up.. Driving around town, driving on the freeway, sitting in annoying traffic, you name it, i've done it. Sliding around in rain.. Even on a 110 day out in california..

Every downshift, makes me like the car more and more. I use to have a Gintani Stage 3 on my last E92 that was stick, 650 wheel. I now have a 2013 M3 with less power that is just as fun. It's sad that my day is done with this car because the look on the bikes face on the freeway after pulling on them so hard was so rewarding. Getting thumbs up from cars that are in complete shock, was a totally priceless feeling.

I won't lie, I will really miss how fast my car is but I really do need a change and will probably end up doing upgraded turbos on the F80.

I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on how the progress is going.

Hope you enjoyed my little review..
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