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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
I believe you may be the one who needs to "get a clue and read" unless you believe that a car with a shorter stouter wheelbase and a higher center of gravity is going to handle better. Shorter wheel bases will turn in faster, but unless the are considerably lighter or lower they will handle worse.
How do you know it has a higher center of gravity..? Just because it's taller..? What if BMW has more mass lower in the frame than the 335..? The new M3 has a CF roof to lower the center-of-gravity, yet almost everyone who drives it still misses the feeling of the e36,e46 M3.

You keep looking solely at the stats and not at why and how BMW made this car..! BMW themselves have repeatedly said this car will be more agil, more tossible.... More like their earlier gen 3 series. Since the 3 series have now become too big for that type of driving.

So argue with them, not me..!