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3732 is the gross weight for the 135. 3384 is the actual unladen weight of the car with no passengers.
So the gross wieght for the automatic is 3252, less then unladden, and the manual's gross is more tan the unladen. That makes no sense at all. It also makes no sense for the manual to be more then the automatic. It is obviosly a typo. So the 335i is 3571 and say the 135i is 3372 which would make more sense to how much the automatic wieghs, that is a 200 pound difference, which is huge. That it at least .2 off your 0-60 time. That is a big difference. I really do not get why people flame this car. They should be happy bmw is making a cheaper, quicker car, with sick brakes. If I had a 335 coupe I would be happy, and not flame the 1. I personally have my eyes now set on the one to save some money, but Ill admit the 335 is a nice car.