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Originally Posted by OzStriker View Post
A car is more than just how quickly it gets to 100kph or how long it takes to move over 1 kilometer.

Honestly I think that thing looks horrible. For me there is no passion in a Lexus.....M3 on the other hand....

Each to his own of course but for me the M3 is more than just a 0-100 time of 4.8seconds
Not sure to whom this was directed but I'll take a stab at a reply. You are right that there is much more to a car than its 0-100 time (or its 0-X time, whatever X may be). However, one point of my post was to begin to compare the cars as inevitably will be done in great detail. Another point of the simulations, the main point there, was to demonstrate the the car is almost surely under rated to obtain the numbers it has.