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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
So when BMW posts a SPEC, you would rather assume it was wrong based on absolutely no data. You do realize its not that much of a smaller car, its very easy for it to have a similar weight. In fact it would be very easy for it to weigh more with a change in only a few materials.
God forbid BMW be wrong, but I seriously doubt the 6M set-up will weigh 348 lbs. more than the automatic. Instinct tells me it's 3372 lbs., not 3732 lbs. lists the 335i Coupe's unladen as 3571 lbs. with the 6M, which puts this car at about 200 lbs. less, which is a bigger difference than the 335i has over the 535i sedan that rolls in at 3660, also according to Life experience tells me the 135i probably doesn't weigh more than the 535i, but I've been wrong before.

There's plenty of power here, but what I'd like to know about is the wheel base compared to a 3 Series. If I could find a modern-day version of an E30 to stablemate with my 325i, I'd be thrilled.