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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
the more drop you have the easier it should be to get negative camber. your settings dont make sense. slow saloon was trying to point that out. your front should have a higher negative camber than your rear, or at least thats the only way i have seen it besides rear engine car.
Yeah and what i'm saying is he said he couldn't get it anymore positive on the rear on the drivers side. So for instance he couldn't make it -2.0. Thats why I asked if maybe I need to raise up my rear to get more positive.

He could get it to go more on the passenger side but not the driver. He said maybe something in the top of suspension was warped but he couldnt find anything.

EDIT: Unless you're just saying -2.4 isn't a problem in the rear my front should just be more?

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