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above comment is all I read. I skimmed through the rest. Good post, nothing special. Your personal opinions are heavily ignored by me. So sue me.

What the hell are you talking about? did I say anything about E90 being sports car? or steering feel?
Please, Im laughing already. Looking at how serious you got, I guess you didn't catch the sarcasm in my post.

You seem to criticize about E90 whenever you can. Typical E46 owner's response.
I really appreciate it though. I can use some good lectures about how bad E90s are, against all these spoiled bmw owners.
Look, if I thought the E90 was a bad car or I really hated it, I wouldn't be here. I certainly wouldn't be here if I weren't seriously considering one as a replacement for my daily driver E46. You won't find me posting on Club Lexus or (though I did register at the site some years ago for another reason) like I do here, or at Bimmerfest. I gave up on the IS350 fairly early in the game, once I sat down to see if I could even get into one equipped to my liking (I never did really like how it actually drove). And I've never even visited an Infiniti board.

After all, what else? And I'm really excited about the potential for a turbocharged engine, if we ever get one. That engine alone would help me forget about the Z4 in a real hurry. In some respects I'm far more progressive than other long time BMW owners.

I don't say much about the good because nobody wants to hear about it - train wrecks are far more interesting to read about than an uneventful trip with an on-time scheduled arrival. It doesn't elicit as much passion in readers when you drone on about all the car's improvements, either. The good news is that there's still room to criticize: we can always expect something better, or at least different, in the next generation. Actually, the primary reason I posted in this thread is because I saw that the OP shared some of my opinions and would understand where I was coming in.

No doubt, the E90 certainly does some things far better than the E46 - nicer engines, better suspension design and tuning. Blows it away in terms of overall performance (the only one that can keep up is the ZHP version which is widely regarded as the very pinnacle of the E46 line). Awesome seats. Better stereo. Auxiliary audio input for MP3 players and the like. The E46 does some things better than the E36, too - I thought the E46 was better looking, had a much nicer interior, a much improved A/C system, better electrical reliability, things like that.

By the way - sarcasm never translates well online. And it wouldn't be the first time that I haven't picked up on it in written text forum format.