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Originally Posted by ndau View Post
Reminds me of this system, but much more.

That is pretty darn cool.

Originally Posted by PSI View Post
Setup looks great and incredible results especially with no time to really debug it.

I would also consider adding gps/tracker setup. If its going to be used for car to car setups it might be easier and give a more fluid track on the car being filmed.
I'm not sure I follow you how a GPS would help. Whatcha mean?

Have you considered scaling the whole thing up to use larger cameras?
Scaling up to better camera's would be real easy from here. All of the hardware should be compatible. To scale up you would simply need to replace the gimbal's and camera's. Everything else should work as it is. Then you'd be talking a log more money however. A good gimbal for an SLR style camera is upwards of $1200 each + cost of the camera's. But yes, this would scale very easily to a larger set up.