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Hey Bro.
I traded my 325i e46 last summer for a Legacy GT Ltd. You know the deal, power, amenities, some bling and a boatload cheaper.

I came back to BMW because, as voltron was saying above, the 4 cyl turbos are really rough and jerky. The BMW 6 cylinder can be so smooth as to be almost boring.

The week after I got my Legacy turbo I drove my family to Toronto for the weekend, a 1200km round trip in our X5. Almost immediately I remembered that "silky smooth" power, and began regretting my swap. 3 months later the Leggie was gone and by October month end I had my new 325xi. I lost a ton of money in the process, and regret some of my moves. I did learn a lesson though, and it was fun driving all those new cars.

Mazda is an excellent quality ride at its price point, and it's an aggressive looking car, no doubt. I tried a Mazda 3 the other week and was very impressed with the shifter, the ergos, and the interior. The shifter is much tighter than BMW shifters for sure, something I'm not even sure a SSK would fix on the Bimmer (I tried on the e46 but never got it right....that's why I got Step this time around).

Anyway, think long and hard about this, because unless you like losing money - lots of it, you'll be stuck in the 6 for a couple of years after this move. The E90 is a sublime car.

Go and drive some other cars, a Charger R/T, a Legacy Turbo, a Mustang, a WRX (Nice seats), and some other powerful performance cars. They're all good in their own way, and you may find one that you FALL IN LOVE with. Also, if you wait a little longer, there is a Challenger and a Camaro coming that could be brialliant cars to prowl around in for a great price.

As time goes on I fall more and more in love with my new E90.

One other thing, it's a sure bet that the Mazdaspeed 6 will use a lot of gas, especially when you're boosting (which will be most of the time), so get ready for pump shock.

Take your time.....have fun driving lots of different cars, you may stick with the E90 after all.

90 per cent of the posters in this thread are morons and have no respect, so ignore those jackasses and do what you need to.....just keep checking in here, and if you do change cars, let us know how the new one goes!!!

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