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You will definitely be downgrading your day-to-day driving experience by going with the Mazda. Driving high reving four cylinder engines with big turbos gets really old after a while. If you aren't up on your boost (which is most of the time), you'll get whooped by granny in her Chevy Cavelier (no offense to Caveleier owners). The only way to keep your power on is to keep the engine spinning above 4000 rpm, and that just isn't practical. After driving your Mazda like that for about a year you'll have burned through the clutch completely and will have to pay for the replacement out of your own pocket. Also, have fun with warranty related issues (like Evo owners) as things start to fail and the dealer refuses to replace it because it shows 'race wear.'
Trust me on this, it is just not practical to have one of those cars. There are many former Evo owners on this forum who got rid of their all-wheel drive rockets for 325's and admit it was the best decision they've ever made. Keep your E90 with it's free maintainance for the next four years.