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This thread is REALLY funny... because I just traded IN MY MAZDA for a 330i... wood and all...

Tired of turbos.. and I've had some of the best. Trust me, the only Mazda with a shifter better than the 3-series is the MX-5... definately not the Mazdaspeed 6. I guess it's all about what's important to you as an owner. Seems like most teen and 20-somethings (no offense if this doesn't apply to you...) want nothing more than something to beat others with at stop lights (Lexus IS owners, WRX, Lancer, etc).. vs. the best driving, handling all around package on the market today. to each his own. As somebody who just traded in his Mazda, my only advice to you is this: You better like it enough to want to keep it until it explodes because the depreciation is atrocious... as are the insurance rates vs. the 3-series.