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ESS VT3 Shift-S3ctor 1/2 Mile - 174 MPH Trap, BMW/AMG Roll Race Shootout - 1st place!

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What an epic weekend at Shift-S3ctor, Airstrip Attack 5. Ryan, Jason and the SS3 crew ran another awesome event, I'd say the best so far, at least for me. The ESS VT3 did very well, the car ran flawless, zero issues this time. It felt good to finally do what I knew the car was capable of.

Here's some great coverage from Revvolution's Ryan Randels, about the event -

On Saturday it trapped 174.12, and is now the current World Record Holder for a E9X M3 1/2 mile trap speed. It placed 3rd in the overall BMW / AMG Trap Speed Competition, but 2nd place was close between Kenton and I. Kenton in his Lab22 Turbo E46 M3 just edged me out with 174.9! So Lab22 with their amazing Turbo E46 M3's, took 1st and 2nd place, which was well deserved.

Bimmerpost - BMW / AMG Trap Speed Shootout results -

1. Marcus - Lab22 Turbo E46 M3 - 181.xx MPH (Trophy)
2. Kenton - Lab22 Turbo E46 M3 - 174.90 MPH (Trophy)
3. Drew - ESS VT3 E92 M3 - 174.12 MPH - No Trophy but the current E9X World Record.

In the Bimmerpost BMW/AMG Roll Racing Shootout I took 1st! There are more variables in a roll race, but nonetheless, I managed to get the win, but they were close for sure.

Great shot from BJ Lopez, of Marcus and I in a very close finish -

There were some amazing races all weekend, I will get my vids up ASAP. It was a lot of fun hanging out as well with everyone.

I wanted to give a big thanks to Roman and AJ @ ESS for their support, a huge thanks to European Auto Source (EAS) for for sponsoring the event and being there to help with the supercharged cars, you guys are awesome.

Also to Adam (Longboarder) who was constantly helping me get the car ready, cooled down etc. he's got to be one of the coolest dudes on the planet, wuv you brother! Robert, for coming out and filming the sideline races all day in the hot sun like you always do, thanks brother.

To Lab22 and their support, yes we competed at the event, but these guys are so cool and supportive, their cars are amazing machines, it was a blast racing them as well, can't wait for the next event.

Also a HUGE thanks to BIMMERPOST for sponsoring the event once again, as well as the trophy shootouts, your support means a lot to the SS3 family.

Driving out to the event, Ryan from Revvolution followed the caravan to shoot some pics, got this one, the car looks completely stock, and drives that way when cruising.


The drivers for the most part discuss the start point, speed, etc. in just about ever race from a roll you could claim someone jumped or not, it's difficult for both cars to hit it at the exact same time. No doubt a few had some uneven starts (Ford GT), but all of the runs from a roll started when the front of the car or front wheel hits the cone, at times it's deceiving with the wide angle go pro lens, but all drivers after the races confirmed the starts were fair or not.

Here is one of my favorites from the event, the C6 Z06 owner's commentary is epic, and he was super cool, thanks for the run Jason!

Another one against my buddies Ford GT, Whipple Supercharged ~800whp, we both trapped a high of 174MPH. In this run I got a jump on him for sure. We did a rematch and it was much closer, he pulled a car or so maybe more.

Angle from the Ford GT -

Against a Full Bolt On, E85, GTR -

Here's a run from a Dig against Longboarders FBO 997.2TT PDK, with Robert's Camera setup and gauges added, pretty cool. I had TC on. FYI, Adam gave me (Camera Car) the hit on this run, so no jumping here.

Probably my favorite run of the weekend against my buddy Marcus and his amazing LSB LAB22 Turbocharged E46 M3 (picture of the finish above). He won the trap speed competition at 181MPH! No doubt the DCT kept me in this race and held off a car making 800+WHP, photo finish! But had it been a little longer race, he'd pulled away. Great run brother.

And here's the same run with Marcus in the LAB22 Turbocharged E46 M3 from his POV -

Here's one against a SLS Black Series Weistec Supercharged, insane car, bigs thanks to the owner Tao for the run.

A run against Dallas' LAB22 Turbocharged E46 M3 (800whp)

More pics from AA5 from some amazing photographers -

16 F82 M4 DCT - ZCP - JB4 - 556WHP / 570WTQ
08 E92 M3 DCT - Bolt Ons - 60-130MPH 10.71s - 11.88 @ 118MPH - 377WHP
ESS VT2-625 SC 60-130MPH 6.80s - 11.30 @ 129.3 MPH 586WHP / 379WTQ
ESS VT3-750 - 60-130MPH 6.14s - 10.81 @ 135.13 MPH 690WHP/463WTQ
Shift-S3ctor E92 M3 - 1/2 Mile Trap Speed WR - 174.13 MPH

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