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Originally Posted by SickeM3 View Post
Found one

Damn, Thats right on par for the other kits. He Says Race specific tires and a linelock kit are going on now and going for the current record.

Being less than .5mph off for mph, and with some traction, its gonna be a close run. Exciting times for M3 owners
That's an impressive trap for sure. So I just looked at the records and noticed the following. The current 1/4 mile trap record did have drag radials and 100 octane; not sure if it had reduced weight or not. But don't forget the second place record holder at 132.10 MPH with full weight and no drag radials and 93 octane.

Still waiting for updated 60-130's and dyno charts. What's the hold up?

EDIT: I just noticed that's not the Evolve time slip currently on record. Is that a new one? It's a great trap if it is.

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