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Originally Posted by BzsBimmer View Post
You got MB, CPU, GPU all for around $500!
did you get new memory and PSU as well?
The reason I ask is because when I upgraded from my Athlon system, I had to buy a new PSU because I didn't have the right connectors and the memory was different which was pricey.
Sorry Bzs, haven't checked the forums in a while. Yes, the Motherboard, CPU, and GPU all together came out to be about $460, including shipping, from Newegg. I have a somewhat weird setup, as I opted for a board that supports both DDR1/DDR2 memory, as well as AGP/PCI-E video cards. I will be reusing my current PSU and DDR1 RAM from my old rig. Was going to reuse the old AGP GPU also, but accidentally fried it while testing parts to see what had died, so I had to spend the extra $100 for a new GPU. :sad0147: Still waiting on the parts though (should come in today and tomorrow).

If you want to build a completely new rig, that can be significantly more expensive. Depending on what parts you want, I would say double what I spent for a ballpark figure. However, if you already have DDR2 RAM and a good video card, you can get a Core2 Quad Q6600 and pretty decent board for about $350-$400. To think, my old Pentium 100MHz chip cost more than this back in the day....

Originally Posted by STE92VE View Post
I've been told that connection speed is good and my game settings don't allow ABS, TC, DSC to make it as fair a race as possible. You can use the auto gearbox if you want. I will also be instituting minimum times to qualify for the race to make it competitive and to keep the riff raff out. I think times for the GP will be 2:30 and under and for the Sprint 1:50 and under. These times are very doable. If anyone has any problems with those times, let me know and we'll work it out.
Heh, I guess I better start practicing as soon as I get my computer back up. I'm playing with an analog gamepad, so I'm still trying to get use to the controls. Steering was rather twitchy and felt delayed on my old computer, but I only got in one practice before it decided to have a hernia. Maybe my computer was so awe-struck by the M3 that it decided it wasn't worthy and decided to permanently forfeit the race?