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e90im wrote in part, "After 3 months of owning 325i I must say that something just doesn't feel right. It could be the interior (God, I hate this wood trim).You had options.
Cons: manual shifter is far from what I expected. Even though I perfected shifting procedure, throw is long and not as precise as I expected from BMW. Did you have prior experience with manual transmissions? Storage space is ridiculous. Did you look at the car before purchasing it? Back seats don't fold. That is an option. No spare tire. Didn't know that? <snip>I am going to test drive Mazda6 speed tomorrow and decide.
Methinks you are either trying to start something or think today is April 1 and are playing with us. <BBG>

BTW, I think the Masda is one of several good cars at a considerably lower price point. I wouldn't be ashamed to drive one.