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W Cole

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1. Before loosening anything mark the position of the strut in the steering hub/knuckle and the position of the adjuster. Since the strut is not indexed in the hub/knuckle it is important that you mark the strut position so you can align the sway bar tab correctly (I have never gotten a good answer from ohlins or anyone on the forums on how to do this... I just eyeballed it the first time and make sure to align with my marks when adjusting).
2. Loosen the pinch bolt (you may want to completely remove it as there is one "dead spot" when turning the adjuster and there's not a very good way to get around the brake hose holder with the spanner wrench).
3. Hold up the strut assembly from below with a hydraulic jack so the assembly sits straight on the strut and it's easy to turn the adjuster.
4. Adjust the ride height. I recommend doing in full term increments so you can make sure each side is even.
5. Torque the pinch bolt to spec!! Since the bolt is pinching the strut in the hub it can be really difficult to torque by feel.