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Short answer for immediate future:
$130 for the 10498 pair (shipped) + $85 for a pair of custom posts with blocks.

Long answer for near term future:
ESCO made the 10499 (shortened version) of the 10498 stands at my request. So far, no other reseller offers the 10499 model. In the short term, I plan to stock the 10499 stands in PA and ship 10498 stands from the manufacturer's warehouse. So far I have only ordered complete stands (base + rubber top post). I expect to have 10499 stands available without posts soon. Then I can ship the 10499 stands with either the rubber pad top posts or custom posts with block. The price for the 10499 stands with only the custom post will be about $160/pair including shipping.

Long Term plan: I will stock both the 10498 and 10499 bases in PA. I will have two types of heads for the custom posts. The block as shown in previous posts above, and a round aluminum pad. The round head will be about 2.5" in diameter and have a Urethane or rubber top.

The custom posts have three holes. The 10499 stands have four holes in the rubber padded post, and the 10498 has five holes in the rubber padded post. This means the range of the stands with the custom posts is 11" to 15" for the 10499 and 13" to 17" for the 10498.

Most cars in my target market can use the 10499 stands. Most SUVs would work better with the 10498 stands. 15" is about the height you need for a BMW or MB SUV. Both models of stands can be set to 15".

Hope this info helps.

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How much for the 10498 with the swivel for the m3 shipped to 95138? Thank you.