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Originally Posted by 'Cane View Post
Big market? Miami is barely in the top 20, and there's a salary cap.
You're right. I'm sure location didn't factor into Bosh's and LeBron's decision. They'd be just as happy with the night life in Minnesota.

And while there is a salary cap, it's a soft cap, and it doesn't mean a whole lot if you've got money for the luxury tax (I say this generally). (Team Valuation: 7)

Some more Miami stats:

Revenue: $188 M
Operating Income: $29.2 M
Player Expenses: $90 M
Metro Area Population: 5.6 M

Market: $302 M (Team Valuation: 22)


Revenue: $121 M
Operating Income: $11.6 M
Player Expenses: $73 M
Metro Area Population: 1.7 M

Market: $127 M

Originally Posted by IndotagSwizz View Post
But the truth is that only 3 Pacers starters were drafted by Indiana (George Paul, Hibbert, Lance Stephenson) ..
And the Heat drafted: Mario Chalmers (starter) , Wade (starter), UD (starter) Norris Cole, Michael Beasley... so there goes that argument... I don't care nor expect people to like the Heat, but most of the things people say about the Heat are non sense....
What the hell are you talking about? I wasn't making an argument. I was simply saying that a team like the Pacers isn't going to land big name free agents like the Heat, the Knicks, Lakers, etc.

I was trying to be friendly and complimentary.

And by the way, yes, 3 of the starters (one of them being Paul George, not George Paul) were drafted by the Pacers. And they happen to be our 3 best players.
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