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Rockets are a fun team to watch, they are still a big piece or 2 away from a Championship.

Litos you are straight up smoking crack if you wouldn't want Melo paird with Harden and D12.....Either you share the same general public perceptions about Melo, don't watch him play, or both.........but respectfully the value of your opinion on basketball-related things goes way down the second you dismiss Melo in favor of Love or Rondo.

Only one other player in the league can score like Melo. ....and if Melo's willingness to share the ball with other stars wasn't proved by how he's thrived in Olympic competition, I don't know what is.

You obviously don't see the well-rounded efforts he gives to the Knicks every night despite the idiocy of Woodson asking him to run ISO every play.......He gets at least 5 hockey assists every night and is averaging over 8reb as a SF/PF. He plays decent defense (all-NBA defense if you put him next to Harden LMAO), and is really an incredibly smart, creative player who has a tireless work ethic.

.....and here's something you may not be used to....he doesn't flop....ever. In fact he probably gets more no-calls than anyone in the league because of it, but that doesn't stop him beasting people down low every chance he gets.

And lastly, he's not leaving New York. So enjoy the hope of Rondo or Love in 2 years, because that's the only chance the Rockets will have at getting over the hump. Cheers.