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4 years later, still a useful DIY.

A few notes to add based upon my first DIY stock muffler removal yesterday Ė

Yes, you can fit a shallow ratchet + 18 mm socket to get these.

Itís useful to have a small flathead to lift/pry the clips off of the bolts once you remove those 18 mm nuts as well. Mine were pretty snug.

The rear hanger is indeed held up by E10 reverse torx bolts. Suggest getting that specific socket (cost me $2.99).

10Ē extender is perfect.

I didnít go the jack route. Instead, put some padding up at the front of the muffler, grabbed it by the tips (thatís, tips), and jostled a bit. Front section dropped down onto padding and then I lowered the muffler down slowly with man power. When I removed all of the bolts, nuts, etc. it acted like it wasnít going anywhere. The rear side hangers with the long bolts were holding it in place quite well, actually. So I think itís optimistic to support it with the jack, remove everything, then simply lower the jack. Not saying going that route is wrong, or wonít work, but I would have found the jack to be more in the way than anything. Maybe others have removed everything and it dropped like a rock, in which case a jack would be nice.

56Ē race ramps worked well. A bit more clearance at the front end of the muffler would have been nice, but no real complaints. Didnít impede.

Hit everything with Liquid Wrench the night before, and everything came off without issue.

Whole process took about 1 hour and Iím a mechanical idiot.

Car sans mufflers is absurdly loud, especially on cold start. My DCT is in a storage unit currently and I thought it was going to collapse.
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