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It's pretty easy.
Pro for the KW Clubsport:
Camber plate and damper are a solid solution from one company.
No need to reinvent the wheel at that point with parts from 2 vendors which
could cause issues.

It depends on what you're driving.
For me the Clubsport spring rate is at the lowest level for track usage.
Why? It's a 110 front and 120 rear spring.

I'm running 160 or 180 springs in my M3 … but that car is not driven on the road
too much. Just from time to time to get to a track.

But the Oehlins has a 60! spring in the front and 120 in the rear.
What the heck?! This spring setup will cause massive body roll.
You can try to correct it by closing the compression dampening
to nearly max on the front but that's basically the wrong way.

The old KW Clubsport had 90 front and 120 rear and thanks god that
the new version has 110 and 120 rear for a better balance.
So 90 front was already to soft for the e92 M3 for the time to time
track driver.

But the 60 spring in the Oehlins … I don't get it and it explains why
people say that the Oehlins is perhaps even more comfortable than the stock