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Originally Posted by Macky112 View Post
Hi All,

I searched through this forum and cannot find a definite answer on which harbor freight floor jack to get.

They have 3 types of jacks that fits my budget (with coupon):
1. 1.5ton racing jack that's 22" in length (3.5" clearance)

2. 1.5ton racing jack that's 27" in length (3.5" clearance)

3. 3ton steel jack that's 29" in length, but also its the lowest profile at 2-7/8"

if I want to get a jack and 4 jack stands for my oil change DIY, would any of the above 3 mentioned jacks reach the center front and back jack points on the M3? I have a bone stock E93 convertible on stock OEM 19inch wheels

any input is appreciated

i have seen other members put the front of the car on ramps first before getting to the front center jack point.

i can't speak for the rears and i do not know how to get the rear up.

I am thinking about getting the 3rd option. sorry i couldn't answer your question.

also, does anyone know or has this jack and can confirm if the saddle can cradle the reverse logic jack point adapter? my craftsman 2.5 ton saddle is a smaller than the adapter plate. this saddle is straight metal no rubber to act as friction. i do not feel comfortable jacking this up fearing it will slip going up or down.