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Drives: 2018 M3 ZCP
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Location: NC

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Car: 2013 E92 M3 DCT, ZCP, EDC
Track: VIR Full
Best lap: 2:11.17 with Harry's Lap Timer and Dual XGPS150 @ 4Hz (and GoPoint BT1 for the OBD data)
Brakes: StopTech BBK ST60F/ST40R with Pagid RS29
Suspension: Stock EDC (Swift Spec-R Springs) -> -1.9 Camber F / -1.7 R
Tires: 275/35/18 NT-01 Square
Other: AA Exhaust, MS Drop-In, ESS Tune
Gone this year: Dinan static camber plates, AA HFC X-Pipe

First day out on newly paved surface so running with Euro-MDM on. Track is quick! You can carry so much more speed through turns 1-4 and around oak tree. This time was 2 seconds better than my best time last year. I'm sure once track rubbers up some it will get even faster.

Also, first track day with the new BBK.... and holy shit... they kick some ass. I knew they would be good, but they were even better than I expected. So consistent and predictable. Love em. This surely helped me be faster than year as well.