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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Brakes mate. Even you emphasized the importance of great brakes until the bad reviews of the M3's starting rolling in. At that point, you started rationalizing, as you continue to, do the effectiveness of the single pot faders. I would guess if the M3 had some real track brakes, ie multi pot, you would be talking up their fade free abilities and increased stopping surface and wouldn't be talking about the need for a brake upgrade.
You continue to misrepresent my statements. I have never waivered on my belief that brakes are critically important. I think the jury is still out on the brakes but they COULD be the weakest point on the car. I suspect the brakes will be fine, even without the factory track pads, for all but the tracks that really torture ones brakes.

I always have and still do stick to my guns that rotor size, caliper size, the presense of a floating rotor and brake cooling are MORE important than the number of pistons (or the color of the caliper...)