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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
You have it all mostly right until the end. Problems: margins on options or not Porsche has the highest margins in the industry. Their margins are merely fantastic on the base price (meaning bad value for us) and out of this world when you add options.
BMW is right behind them. At least Porsche offers a nice set of fade free stopper even on their base model. BMW is finally catching the light and putting a decent pair of shoes on the 1 series. Must of been too late to offer multi Pots on the M3, kinda like DFI

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Futhermore, M cars do not need a single opton to hit the track on a regular basis. Can you name an option on the new M3 "required" or that makes it faster on the track with a skilled driver (other than M-DCT, which is not available yet and Cup+ on 19s - likely only available in EU)?
Brakes mate. Even you emphasized the importance of great brakes until the bad reviews of the M3's starting rolling in. At that point, you started rationalizing, as you continue to, do the effectiveness of the single pot faders. I would guess if the M3 had some real track brakes, ie multi pot, you would be talking up their fade free abilities and increased stopping surface and wouldn't be talking about the need for a brake upgrade.