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iDrive / MDrive truly required for Steering Map Setting?

I've read the entire thread, and are folks really sure that iDrive / MDrive is required to adjust the Steering Settings? The formal Sedan press release posted as a sticky seems to suggest that iDrive/MDrive are required only for saving and recalling of overall preferred settings:

"Servotronic steering with two manually adjustable control maps

Rear-wheel drive keeps the rack-and-pinion steering of the BMW M3 Sedan free of drive forces. A further enhancement is hydraulic Servotronic power assistance controlling steering forces as a function of road speed. There is also a choice of two different control maps activated through normal and sport modes with a console-mounted button."


"MDrive personalizes the driving characteristics of the new BMW M3

The new M3 provides several standard and optional driver-controlled systems to tailor the driving characteristics to a driver's personal preferences. The driver can choose, with conveniently located buttons:

DSC on or off (for a very competent, performance-oriented driver)
EDC in Sport, Normal or Comfort modes
Servotronic in Sport or Comfort modes
Throttle response either direct/sporting or comfort oriented

A push of the MDrive button on the steering wheel can instantaneously activate the above driver-selectable configurations, turning the new BMW M3 into his or her personalized Ultimate Driving Machine. "

Can anyone without iDrive/MDrive confirm one way or the other? Having the heavier steering would be strongly desired by most, I'm hoping this is available without having to spend money on unnecessary electronics like iDrive/Nav...