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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
The "extra power and performance" line is pure hogwash, certainly wrt "power". No matter how a throttle mapping is set no pedal force = idle and fully depressed pedal = full throttle. The mapping controls the linearity of the butterfly response vs. pedal travel as well as the speed of butterflys vs speed of pedal. That being said it may be as you stated that Sport Plus setting offers a mapping speed not obtainable by a human. But again, that being said I think the result is still not ultimate performance, rather feel and control. It would be an interesting experiment to find two closely matched cars and drivers and do a rolling start test with the throttle in different modes. This can be done now with an E46 M3 as well.
Agreed that the extra Hp is BS. If sport plus does offer stepper motor control that cannot be attained otherwise, I guess that would allow the driver to be more involved due to faster response, which might or might not result in performance gains. As you are saying, we'll need to see some reviews that specifically focus on issues such as this one (I also want to see a comparison between EDC-sport and non-EDC suspension setups before deciding).