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Originally Posted by robert @ eas View Post
Looking at the size and offsets of the wheels you are looking to put on your car, you should be able to fit a 15mm front and 12mm rear without any issues on the conservative side. You can probably even fit an 18mm in the front and 15mm rear, although I do suggest to measure it before hand to see how much you want to bring the wheels out. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

I ordered from EAS 12 mm for rear wheels and 18mm for front wheels. Rear is perfect, front could be more aggressive. I think 22 mm would be the perfect fit.

However I have a little problem with my order. EAS sent me wrong size of bolts. With the spacers for front wheels I've got bolts for f30, not e90 car. I tried to install the wheel for a 15 minutes wondering why those bolts won't grab the tread. What do I do now? Return to EAS only the bolts, or the whole set? Mind you, this set is already "used". I put some white grease on bolts and installed one of the spacers on the wheel, so it has some small scratches.

Do I keep the spacers and you will send me correct bolts, or do I have to send back the whole set? If so, can I replace it with the wider one?

Excuse the quality of those pictures, but it is 4 o'clock in the morning and I have only cheap camera with limited lightning.

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