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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
I am relieved to see them making the U.S. M3 standard without I-drive and leather. This should keep the base price in the $50Ks. I hope it also comes standard with manual seats since power seats weigh a LOT more than manuals.

If no i-drive, no leather, w/ CF roof and no power seats, I think it might weigh closer to 3590 lbs. I took the power seats out of my E36 M3 and they weighed 50 lbs each!!
What's the point of keeping base in the 50's if it doesn't come with the standard features that a 50k car should come with? Granted this will allow some people to order a car without leather, but for those who expected the car to come with the basic options, all it will mean is that every car not special ordered will have at least 6k in options. People may pretend like they'll order the base car, but I saw very few e46's that didn't have full leather (and I had one of them).