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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Awesome card and heaps of finishes. I skimmed through the prelims which really delivered. I recommend watching them if you can.

Maldonado fight was fun to watch. I love his fighting style, makes me think that's how Rocky Balboa would fight in MMA. His boxing combinations are so fluid and I love his body shots. That was a great fight.

Also saw a brutal flying knee KO finish too. I can't remember by who.

Cb looked really impressive, that's probably the first time I've seen him fight and the guy he beat was being compared to Vitor.

I thought Shogun had the fight in the bag. He had Hendo hurt and was controlling the fight everywhere until he got caught. Hendo landed a couple nasty shots to the back of the head but the 2 before that ultimately finished the fight IMO.
I used to be more into UFC, but now I just try to keep up with the TUF seasons. I did happen to watch a couple of these fights and it was one of the most entertaining cards I've seen, a lot of finishes. I can't remember the guy's name, but the one that kept grabbing the fence made me mad lol he should've been DQ'd.

CB looked good in his fight, I hadn't seen him fight since he was on TUF. I really thought Hendo was out the first time he got rocked, the second I thought Shogun could have finished it but I never would have thought that Hendo would pull off the win. He was wobbly ever since the end of the first round.