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just wanted to express with you guys how jealous i am of my father. My father has a 2001 CLK320 and he considers it to be a fast sports car. In other words, my father has no interest for cars as i do or people on this board. And he thinks that even revving the engine near to 5000rpm is considered bad for the engine and is ¨racing¨.

Anyways, having said that, he is currently in Switzerland with my mother staying at a friends house. They have a 18 year old son who is currently on vacation in Munich, Germany. My parents friends lent them their sons car to have while in town........SLK55 AMG!!!.... I sooo wish i would have gone with them. My father was telling me that everybody keeps staring at him when driving and that he can feel the car has undescribable amounts of power. Also, the car has been slightly tuned and top speed is unlimited to 320k.p.h!!!

He says he has only taken it to about 80k.p.h!!!

i am very jealous and at the same time happy for him because maybe this will inspire him to get one!