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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
I would say a lotus is exotic. Being rare and limited is essentially what qualifies a car as being exotic even though we usually associate exotic with something that has more wings and vents than a jet fighter.
A Lincoln Blackwood (remember them?) is also rare and limited. Does that make it an exotic? The way I see it, a car is an exotic if it makes people lust over it yet very few can achieve it. Rolls, bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, etc. are all exotic. People lust over them. Kids hang posters on their bedroom walls of those cars. People dream of the day they see one, let alone drive it. Limited production, astronomical pricetag, and very high demand makes those cars "exotic". A Lotus may have the limited production numbers, but it lacks either the prohibitive pricing or the massive demand and lust over it that would make it an exotic. It's a niche car, made to target a very small specialized section of the car market, basically the handful of trackrats who want a relatively affordable track weapon out of the box.