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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
I'm with you on this one. Definitely not a supercar, just a sportscar. A supercar needs to turn heads. Corvettes don't turn heads, unless they are obnoxiously loud.

And for me it's more than just performance. Even if a Corvette would blow past everything on the road, I'd still get a slower Porsche, Ferrari or whatever else you can think of. We live in America. What's the point of having a fast car? Might as well get something that looks proper.
A Vette Z06 turns my head every time. On the other hand a Porsche (aka ugly overpriced Beetle) never does, unless it's a GT3Rs or GT2. What's the point of having a fast car? Maybe to go to the track and drive the piss out of it? Besides, if you don't go to the track, then what's the point of having an M3 or M5 either?
Originally Posted by -Wingman- View Post
No, the zo6 is not a supercar.....nor is a gtr.... or a viper. Just because it performs as well, or better than cars that are widely considered to be supercars (such as some variation of a Lamborghini for example), it does not mean it's a supercar.
So then what makes a car a "supercar" if it isn't performance?

To me, a GTR or Viper or Z06 or 911 Turbo/GT3/GT2 are all supercars but they are not exotic. A bentley, rolls royce, aston, maybach, maserati, etc are all exotics but they're not supercars. A ferrari, lambo, pagani, bugatti, koeniggsegg, etc are both exotic and supercars.