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Originally Posted by 325rider View Post
However, you made some points about the GTR motor being more similar to the S65 than the S62?
Correct. The real GTR motors were custom race built 4.0L motors that where S62 ish. The development and design from that motor is what was translated over to the S65. So in reality the real motors were hybrids of both. As BMW race motors are as much as a house as well as not available I had to go with what was in the ball park. All beat down the left field line near the warning track.

To answer the question that seems to be pooping up, I am using the quoted reply to someone else on another forum.

Originally Posted by x Spades x View Post
So why the GTR street car and not the GTR wide bodied race car?
We have seen cars done before in after market wide bodies. We also have seen S62 swaps in various configurations. There are some E46 S65 swaps out there already but not in this trim setup.

I love the lines of the street car and wanted to try to make something unique to be different. Don't want to be like everyone else and would like to stand out a little at a big E46 M3 meet LOL.

So in short, one part the challenge of doing it, one part making this a community(ish) type build, and one part vanity.

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