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Hi There

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Just wanna say hi! Been lurking for a few months but finally felt like saying hi. In San Antonio, Texas, and love my 2011 DCT Mineral White M3. I have always been a super healthy fitness nut with many Ironman’s under my belt and I have never smoked a single cigarette in my life. Ever. In August of last year, at age 42, I was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal lung cancer as a result of a very rare genetic mutation. As a result, I have a very limited life expectancy. BUT, been living like crazy since then. The only material item on my bucket list was to finally drive a classy, fast, yet tricked out car and that’s where the M3 and EAS came in. This is in process with the M3 and recently had the interior "tricked out" a bit:-)

Last week I was able to knock out three items on my bucket list. While spending time with my brother from South Africa (item 1), doing a looong cross country road trip (item 2), I stopped by EAS in LA for a day. I piled on the work for them to do in one day and they never blinked to get it done for me that day. Every part got there in time and in addition to the interior I also dropped a late minute alignment and OEM exhaust mod on them. They just smiled and said they’ll get it done that day. After staying late that night the guys finished "tricking my car out" (item 3) and I was on my way to the next stop of my journey.

Cheers. Talk later.

Mike (Michiel)

My response to fellow members' posts:

Wow! I shared this post on about some mods to my car and mentioned the fact that since I have cancer it was on my bucket list. I wrote this post in less than five minutes and did not even think much of it as I am very open about the challenge I face in the hopes that it might educate, inspire or help someone, somewhere in the process. More than anything I just wanted to share the cool beemer pics with fellow beemer fans, get some beemer self validation,and thank the guys at EAS. Good service is rare these days.

THANKS for all the support and kind words guys. It has my wife in tears...

For some of you that have asked in private messages I am doing okay. I have a genetic mutation called ALK that drives the cancer and am on a clinical trial for an experimental medication targeted to that. It sort of puts the brakes on, but unfortunately cancer is clever and will eventually mutate its way around this inhibitor. So, it’s a game of hoping the medical world finds new stuff faster than the cancer mutates.

In the meantime it is about adjusting to the new reality, getting new perspective, realizing what is truly important, getting the most out of whatever time is left and also try and make a difference in the process. AND put as many miles on the M3 as I can as FAST as I can, but I guess I should rather not say that on a public forum...;-)

The biggest lesson I have learned is that waiting and fear are probably the things that hold us back most.

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the perfect moment to pursue that dream? Have you ever found yourself saying that you’ll do it in “just one more year”, that you need “just a bit more money” or “just a bit more time”? Staying in that bad relationship/job "just a bit longer"?

On August 13, 2013 a doctor ended up standing next to my bed with a heartbreaking message: “Your time is up and running out fast”. My biggest regrets are those times I could have treated people better and those times that fear and/or reluctance held me back from pursuing a dream.

Next time when you say “next year”, ask yourself what your answer should be, what will you do if you knew that next year might not be there. Will you still wait? Don’t.

So when the chance came up to own my M3, I though about it for about two seconds..;-)

For anyone interested in my progress and my musing on cancer, life, my car and other topics I post about these on Facebook. Find me under my name Michiel Espach and I will invite you to the group of folks following…

And I would love going on a cruise/meeting with those other folks with M3's here in San Antonio/ Austin.

Cheers and love


Live Hard, Live Fast, Be Kind.

- BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Front Splitters (EAS)
- BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Interior Trim with IND Carbon Fiber Center Console (EAS)
- BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps (EAS)
- bmwpedals Aluminum Pedal Kit (EAS)
- bmwpedals Extended Billet DCT Shifter Paddles (EAS)
- IND Painted Reflectors - Mineral White (EAS)
- IND Painted Side Marker Gills - Black (EAS)
- Matte Black Kidney Grills
- Angel Eyes Upgrade - White
- EAS OEM BMW Exhaust Mod (EAS)

Not mod per se but also Corner Balancing and Alignment by EAS (Road Settings) making the car unbelievably solid and smooth.

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